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Imagine your website…

Works on autopilot

Attracts your best clients

Converts leads into customers

Is easy to maintain and update

Boosts your confidence

Makes your business grow

Sound good?

Web design and development

Get a professional and beautiful website

What if you did not have to worry about design, waste your time on technicals and finally know how to create content with a proper strategy? Then your website can be brought to life in an easy way!

Web design and development
Website and mailing list automations

Transform your website into an amazing online tool

Can you imagine your site taking tasks out of your hands and working for you, instead of the other way around? With the right information and setup your site can do more than you think.

Web design and development
1-on-1 training and ongoing support

Feel supported and free from tech overwhelm

Rest assured that you have someone to back you up, bring you up to date and keep you safe. Someone to teach you new tricks and help you understand how it all works.

Web design and development, automations and support.

A website is so much more than an online brochure!

These days many sites are doing more than just providing information; they are invaluable tools.

A good website makes it easier for you to engage with your clients, who, in turn, will be more satisfied.

A better website automatically saves a lot of time and energy. Your business processes are more efficient which allows you to expand and grow.

The best website does precisely what you want it to do. It attracts the right audience and turns leads into customers.

Sound good? I think so too. Get in touch to talk about the possibilities.

You deserve a great website

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Hi! I'm Deshna
Hi, I’m Deshna

I am here to help you create and maintain a better online presence

Ever since I laid eyes on my first website (way back), I wanted to learn how to build them. Since then, I have become more and more passionate about how websites can work for us and ultimately give us more freedom and independence.

A lot of hard work goes into creating good websites, and I have learned this through a lot of blood, sweat and tears. I offer web design and development and share my knowledge and skills to help others by creating websites that support their business processes and make them excel. Without the struggle!

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A few words from my clients

Deshna built my website and webshop, and I’m soo pleased with the result. (You must look on She always finds a solution to any problem. Curious by nature, she finds a way to fix things. And in addition she has a good design eye. I can warmly recommend her.

Linda Pabst

Art Director - Designer

Deshna has a lot of knowledge and no challenge is too crazy. She has a solution or a knack for every problem or question. In addition, she is incredibly thorough and precise. And everything she makes looks good. What else do you want?

With Deshna you have a super expert at your side and you are guaranteed a top product. I heartily recommend her!

Mok Heijmerink

Web designer, Webbouwen aan de keukentafel

Web design and development, automations and support.