Website and mailing list automation

Start using automations and let work flow

Routines are good, but fixed methods can block new information from coming in.
Every now and then, you need to stop and think.
Because if you want to innovate, you have to open up to change.

One of the most common automation tools is your mailinglist

You can use multi-step emails, autoresponders and customer journeys to do all kinds of tasks. Think of taking registrations for an event, asking for testimonials or collecting information from questionnaires.

Add online booked appointments to your calendar and send reminders

Have you ever thought about time spent making appointments? Make it easy for your customer and save a lot of time with scheduling software. In the same flow, you can send reminders, follow-ups and invoices.

Edit metadata, re-format and organise images in batch

Working efficiently with Adobe software will enable you to handle a large volume of images with ease. Once you get the metadata set, you will always be able to find your images, tag, sort, rename, publish, archive, and add them to any workflow.

Collect payments online and create a list of transactions in a spreadsheet

Always have 100% accurate overview of all your online transactions, even when they come from different payment portals or multiple webshops. Your accountant will definitely love this one.

What is automation?

Automation is when tasks or multiple tasks are performed on autopilot. In other words when one event triggers another event somewhere else, producing a desired result.

Automations eliminate repetitive, easy tasks. They also create opportunities to respond to something adequately and at the right time.

And because it happens on autopilot, you do not have to remember to do these things or allocate time to them.

How do you set them up?

Many online tools already have this automation capacity and are ready to use.
For example, your mailing list can connect to google contacts and update this automatically when a new contact subscribes.

A mailing funnel is another good example of automation.
This is a sequence of emails that are triggered at specific times or after specific user activity, sending personalised emails to selected users.

Some of these online tools are integrated into WordPress with a plugin. They add functions to your website and perform additional tasks.

Another way to set up automated workflows is by using a dedicated tool like Zapier or Integromat. These connect different services or providers so you can build stacks of automated tasks.

What should you automate?

A good starting point is to understand what you want to accomplish. Look at your work processes and pick the ones that are recurring and include a lot of steps.

The key is to find the right tools for the task, set them up, and let the automation work for you.

Why should you use automation?

That’s easy! It will free up time, so you do not waste your resources on simple or administrative tasks and can do what you like most.

Automation can also make it possible to upscale and boost sales. If you want to grow, you will have to make workflows efficient.

Want to start saving time and energy?

Workflow automations are fully customizable and can be as complex or as simple as you want them to be. Invest once in setting them up and they will pay back in efficiency, time and energy.

Open up to the possibilities and you will be amazed!

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