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This time it’s about social proof. These are all forms of testimonials, reviews and feedback from your customers.

Do you use Social Proof on your website?

This can make a huge difference in a customer’s decision to do business with you. Because that really requires trust. Especially with a new customer.

The impact of an online review is compared by nearly 90% of consumers to a personal recommendation.

That’s not bad!
And there’s more to gain than you think.

By using what your customers write, you gain more insight into the value you deliver to your customer and the problems you solve, written precisely in your customer’s words.

Now, it’s not always easy to get a review. But you can help your customer tremendously with that.

Make it easy for your customer by asking 3 main questions:

1) What problem or desire did you have when you came to me?

2) What is the best result you have now after our collaboration, or after purchasing/using my product?

3) If you were to recommend me to others, what would you say?

And then 2 more additional questions:

4) Do you have any feedback for me to make the collaboration or my product even better?

5) Can I use your review on my website?

Reviews with name and photo are ven more tustworthly, so if possible, always include these.

So if you’re not doing it already, maybe it’s a good time to start. Because social proof is really a valuable addition to your website!

My tips:

  • Place reviews and testimonials from your customers on your website.
  • Always ask for them and make it easier for your reviewer by asking targeted questions.
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