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All services of Your website made easy
Web design & development

Professional and beautiful websites and webshops

Are you dreaming of an excellent website? Would it be a relief if someone designed and builds it for you? My service is a robust collaborative process in which you do not have to worry about the technical aspects, and I design and build the website or webshop. I also guide you through the task of creating great content for your site step by step. And before you know it, that awesome website is brought to life.


Safe and user friendly


Excellent custom design


Easy content creation strategy


Lifetime online tutorials


Divi WordPress theme included

Working with Deshna stands for a creative process, full of optimism and fun. It is really ‘working together’ because she involves from the beginning to the last detail. She understands the art of explaining complicated matter to me in a crystal-clear way so that it is now also simple and logical for me.

Emmy Meijer

Yoga teacher, BARA

I loved how everything was very straight forward: this is what I need from you to get started, this is the estimate and time plan for it and this will be the next step. Deshna is very structured and will get you up to speed so you can make updates and adjustments to your site once it is up and running.

Anna Lena Mayor Ekeblad

Artist – designer – copywriter

Website & mailing list automation

Transform your website into a smart online tool

Being more productive is crucial in competitive markets. Simplifying processes and automating workflows will save time and money. You may have become so quick and good at many small and simple tasks that you overlook the fact that they can probably be done in a more efficient way. But stop a moment and take some new information in. You may be ready for innovation.


Automate recurring tasks


Get a grip of your workflow


Let tech support your business


Take advantage of existing know-how


Enjoy your your work again

All services of Your website made easy

Exactly what I was looking for and which takes a lot of (unnecessary) work off my hands.

If you are looking for a professional who really listens to your question, and has the know-how to navigate the technical possibilities in the field of mailing lists and automatic workflows, then I can wholeheartedly recommend Deshna

Anadya Kock-Wouters

Musician and Choir Director

Deshna has a lot of knowledge and no challenge is too crazy. She has a solution or a knack for every problem or question. In addition, she is incredibly thorough and precise. And everything she makes looks good. What else do you want?

With Deshna you have a super expert at your side and you are guaranteed a top product. I heartily recommend her!

Mok Heijmerink

Web designer, Webbouwen aan de keukentafel

1-on-1 training and ongoing support

Personal support and customised training

Knowing and feeling you are supported is the most important thing. I am known for being a great troubleshooter and your go-to-girl for any tech-related questions. I can always assist you so you do not have to figure everything out yourself. And on your path of maintaining and editing your website, I share my knowledge so your can learn and develop your own skills.

Free yourself from
tech overwhelm

All services of Your website made easy
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