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Project description

Website for Personal® Post Production

This is a project that is very dear to me. Personal® Post Production was the company my partner, and I had for over 17 years. During this time, we worked on and produced many beautiful images. It felt like such a waste to never showcase these again.

This website was created to give the images a place to live on, just to cherish good memories and fine retouching work.


A few words from the client

Deshna has the ability to become an expert at any given task very quickly, also if it implies mastering new software. When we were partners at Personal® Post production she was the allround specialist, doing all the many different things that are required in a tiny company, everything with full focus and keeping total overview at the same time.

A great multi-tasker, she is a whole team all by herself!

Jurgen van den Hoofdakker
Creative retoucher