Scrolling screen of Bara Yoga en Japanse taal website

Website and automations


The main brief was to bring three different disciplines together in one site and integrate class booking, an event calendar and mailing lists with workflows


WordPress, Divi theme, Divi Toolbox, Calendly, Modern Events Calender, Momoyoga, Mailerlite and custom CSS

Full lenght image of website Bara Yoga en Japanse taal
Project description

Website for Bara Zutphen

It is so lovely to have this website in my portfolio. Bara’s first website was also the first project I created in Divi, 6 years ago. So it is packed with sweet memories.

Recently this site was redesigned and refurbished. We aimed for a fresh and soft look. I created matching mailing list templates and some small workflows.

The challenge was to find a way to display this studio’s classes in a good, user-friendly way and make booking easy for the students and the owner. I’m sure many yoga studios would love to have a website like this. The owner and the yogis love it!


A few words from the client

Working with Deshna stands for a creative process, full of optimism and fun. It is really ‘working together’ because she involves from the beginning to the last detail. She understands the art of explaining complicated matter to me in a crystal-clear way so that it is now also simple and logical for me.

Deshna only needs half a word and works things out smoothly and result-oriented. Her sense of aesthetics, combined with her technical skills and marketing background makes her deliver a site that is user-friendly and above all convinces. I am very pleased with the result and receive many compliments from visitors.

I am especially happy that the maintenance of the site now takes much less time because there is much more automated. Thank you Deshna!

Emmy Meijer
Yoga teacher, Japanologist and Rambam ambassador