Website and webshop


A content-rich website in 2 languages with a webshop, project portfolio, blog and instagram feed. Featuring the designer’s signature ‘lettering’


Built with WordPress, Divi theme, WooCommerce, Polylang and Mailchimp

Project description

Website for Anna Lena Mayorekeblad

Working for Anna Lena was amazing. Her creative mind and energetic personality sparkes a lot of content. And the challenge here was keeping a clear structure and organising all that input.

I created a design with her signature ‘lettering’ in the headlight. You should check out her letter paintings, they are very inspiring.

It was an excellent synergy working with Anna Lena and bringing her writing, paintings and design all together on one platform.


A few words from the client

I loved how everything was very straight forward: this is what I need from you to get started, this is the estimate and time plan for it and this will be the next step. Deshna is very structured and will get you up to speed so you can make updates and adjustments to your site once it is up and running.

Thank you Deshna for helping me build my dream!

I now have a webpage and shop that truly represent me and everything that is me. These days I am proud to say: Go to and you will find everything you need to know about me – and even more!

Anna Lena Mayor Ekeblad
Artist – Designer – Copywriter