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Webshop and automations


Create a user friendly and great looking webshop for selling beeswax wraps to consumers and retailers.


Built with WordPress, Divi theme, Divi Toolbox, WooCommerce, Wholesale Suite, WPML, Mailchimp and custom CSS

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Project description

Webshop for Maja & Maika

When this client came to me, I immediately saw that the nice photography and colorful beeswax wraps would make a lovely webshop.

The product is handmade in relatively small quantities, so the webshop products are easy to update.

Maja & Maika does not only sell to regular consumers but also takes a lot of wholesale orders via the site. Something that was always a little time-consuming before, but resellers now have their own login and order online at retail prices. A great addition.

This webshop is a success, and I have to say, the wraps look really good on screen and in your fridge.


A few words from the client

Thank you for the amazing work you did on the webshop. Love it!

Elisabet Light
Store Owner