The products I love to work with

By Divi & for Divi

Divi by Elegant Themes

Divi makes building websites so much easier, faster and more enjoyable. With Divi, you can build anything using a single platform, instead of managing dozens of different themes. It’s also amazingly affordable and always included when you have Your website made easy.

Divi Toolbox

What is there not to love about this plugin from Divi Lover? It adds great functions and a few things that Divi does not have. A must-have-tool for every Divi user and a plugin that I include on all my websites. Yes, I definitely share the love!

Divi Pixel

If you are looking for a way to extend on the wide selection of modules that Divi already offers, Divi Pixel nailed it all in one plugin. Everything is easy to use and well documented. Check it out if you’re looking for something specific.

Pee-Aye Creative

If you ever attempt some custom coding or look for clever solutions for Divi, you will definitely run into Pee-Aye Creative. What an impressive knowledge base! Their products are outstanding and extremely uselful.

Email marketing

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is a mailinglist provider that is game-changing when it comes to customer journeys and lead capturing. It does not have a free plan but definitely worth your money if your setting up more complex mailing automations. The possibilities with ActiveCampaign are endless.


If you’re looking for a mailing list provider that will not cost much and that still offers custom workflows, this is a very god choice. I just love the easy setup and simple but effective approach. Start sending lovely newsletters in no time. Stay posted… I may be adding tutorials for this one!

For WordPress


Search Engine Optimisation is invaluable for any website. Rank Math makes this complicated stuff a little bit easier for us. It integrates well with Divi, and there are both paid and free versions, so just give it a try and see for yourself.

Gravity Forms

Using forms on websites add important functionality. You want a method that is affordable, flexible and integrates with the other tools and resourses that you are using. I work with Gravity forms for exactly those reasons.

Web hosting

Heijsen Hosting

One for my Dutch friends! If you want a personal service that comes with all-in technical updates and includes the Divi theme license and more, then Raoul Heijssen delivers a beautiful hosting product.


This is my recommended choice for Swedish customers. Oderland services are backed up with friendly and knowledgeable customer support. This is definitely a place where Divi websites feel at home.


If you are in the Netherlands, then Cloud86 is a splendid choice. This web hosting is fast, user-friendly and all in all a very complete service. Hop over and check out their pricing. Great value for money.


This is solid WordPress hosting with great and fast customer support. If you want to host multiple websites in one account, and stay on budget, this may be a good choice for you. SiteGround offers free and easy to use optimisation tools too.


If you are a bit more technical, and you have need for speed, then you might want to look at Cloudways. It will cost a bit more but with a scalable -pay as you go- setup you will always have the server resources you need.

*Affiliate Disclosure: some of the links here are affiliate links, which means that I may get a commission if you decide to purchase anything from them. These recommendations only include the products I love and use on my own site and sites I build for my clients. Do you have a recommendation for me? Let me know! I am always interested in great resources.