Free online website checklist

Embarking on a new website journey:

Where to begin?

Free online website checklist

Have you ever found yourself staring at a blank screen, unsure of where to start with your new website? It’s a common challenge, and it often arises from not knowing the necessary steps to achieve your goals. But don’t worry – I’m here to help make it easier for you!

Here is a clever tool that provides a simple overview of what you want on your website. This useful resource not only helps you identify your wants and needs, but it also offers valuable information to fill in any gaps. It encourages you to think about what you may have overlooked or not yet considered.

By completing this list, you’ll gain insight into your desires, discover potential additions, and take inventory of what you already have at your disposal.

Turn your ideas into a plan and make your website come to life!

What content you want on your site

Which pages are essential for you, and which ones should always be included.

What features the website should have

Mailing list? Forms? Payments? Find out what you do and don’t need.

All the channels you want to utilize

See at a glance which social media channels you use and want in your website.

Which elements are already in place

It’s also good to know what already exists, so you can effectively make use of it.

Go ahead… in just a few minutes you’ll know all the details of this website you’re dreaming of