Do you know this about links?


If there is one thing inseparable from the internet; it’s linking!

We use links all the time, and they take us (almost) everywhere. We add them to text and images on our website, place them in menus and frequently send them in our emails. 

The principle of a link remains the same everywhere. So it will be useful to explain a few things about them and zoom in on the most used links and some link behaviour. Maybe you can pick up something new!

First of all, there are different destinations for links.

You’re probably familiar with the default link to a webpage. For the records, it looks like this:

Now, did you know you can also use these destinations?

• Link to an Email:
mailto:[email protected]

• Link to call:

• Link to send an SMS:

• Link to chat in WhatsApp:

Let’s go a bit deeper… what about linking to a specific webpage section?

We talk about an anchored link when you enter an ID after the URL. The link will take you to a specific part of a webpage that uses this ID.

In Divi, you open the settings of the element you want to link to, then go to the advanced tab, open ‘CSS ID & Classes’ and enter the text you want to use as ‘anchor-name’ into the field CSS ID. See the example below.

When you have entered the ID on one element on the page, the next step is adding a hashtag to your URL, followed by the ID:

• Anchored link to a section on another page:

Important detail: You can use an ID only once on one page.

And if you’re using the anchored link on the same page as the anchored element, you only need enter the hashtag with the anchor ID in the link URL field:

• Anchored link to a section on the same page:

Just one more thing to complete links on your website…

when you add a link from your website to a different website, always let the browser open a new tab. You do this with the module link target setting.

Are you in the Divi text editor? Then set the target to ‘new window’.

These are my must-know link tips.

I hope you enjoyed reading them. Would you like to talk more about links? You can jump on a Whatapp chat with me, or get in touch by mail or phone. You can use a linked button below. A nice way to try this!

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