Merijntje Betzema

As a graphic designer, I do have an understanding of form and aesthetics, but not the technical aspects of websites. That’s why I’m more than happy to engage a professional for that.
When Thessa asked me to develop the branding for House of Finance, including a new website with custom content, I immediately knew which website professional to propose for collaboration: Deshna. Just to be sure, we scheduled a second meeting, but Thessa immediately felt: we need to go to Deshna.

During the design process, I could have Deshna look at the design choices made and she could indicate what was technically feasible and what was not. But Deshna is someone who doesn’t start with a no but maybe or yes but; she always starts with a complete yes. That’s a breath of fresh air! If something is technically challenging, she finds a way!

Additionally, I could provide her with the look & feel for the website that Thessa was already very satisfied with in the manner that I, as a designer, prefer, and Deshna then developed this into the current website. It’s truly delightful to work with someone who has so much expertise and an eye for detail.
As a designer, I want the typography to be right, line spacing and font size to be nicely balanced and easily readable. Deshna just sees that! Well, I can tell you: that’s worth gold.

Furthermore, I find it very comforting to notice that Deshna not only looks at the technical and appreciates beautiful things but also has a commercial understanding of the function of a website. Which buttons should go where and why, when should you use which call-to-action, that’s really something Deshna loves to think about and provides a well-founded opinion that you, as a customer, benefit so much from.

I’m very happy with our collaboration as a triumvirate and the result. The weeks that followed were a real withdrawal :-). So great to form a team together and elevate each other’s businesses and work to a higher level!

Merijntje Betzema
Writing designer & imago consultant at Merijntje aan de Rijn