Anna Lena Mayor Ekeblad

I was painfully aware that my webpage needed a remake. As you often do, I prioritized my art and was busy keeping deadlines on assignments. Just trying to get the everyday life going you know. Only took time to make small updates on my site, always in a rush, making it look a bit inconsistent. At the same time I had a feeling in the back of my mind that I really needed to do a bi remake of the site and shop. So tiered of always saying: ”Naaah, don’t go to my webpage, it’s not really up to speed, try my Instagram instead.”

My dream was to have a webpage to be proud of. A site that worked as a digital business card and presented all the different sides of my creativity – off course connected to a shop, portfolio, blog and all my social media accounts.

When the pandemic hit us and everyday life turned upside down I felt it was crucial to have a relevant webpage. I realized there would be no exhibitions, workshops or design markets for a long time – people would turn to digital versions and I needed to make sure people would get the right impression of my work when they went to my site.

Since I am a creative I had a clear picture of what I wanted my site to look lite. I knew I would be able to writhe copy myself and deliver the pictures I needed to show – but I was very much aware that I needed professional help with the technical part of building the webpage and shop.

I found Deshna and ”yourwebsitemadeeasy”. I immediately fell for the nice, clean look of her site and how easy it was to get all the information I needed. I booked a first digital meeting and quickly started develop a step by step plan with her. I loved how everything was very strait forward: this is what I need from you to get started, this will be the next step and this is the estimate and time plan for it.

Of course Deshna can develop sites for people that don’t come with their own design ideas. Her network is huge and she can help you with graphic design, illustrations and copywriting (Swedish and English). She is very structured and will get you up to speed so you can make updates and adjustments on you own site once it is up and running. Guidelines, tips and support is included in her deal – how great?!

Thank you Deshna for helping me build my dream! I have a webpage and shop that truly represent me and everything that is me. These days I am proud to say: Go to and you will find everything you need to know about me – and even more!

Anna Lena Mayor Ekeblad
Artist / creative