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Deshna van Aarssen
Deshna van Aarssen

“I believe that many business owners waste their time by building their website themselves and that outsourcing it to a professional saves them a tremendous amount of time, money, and effort.
Building your own website is simply not the best choice for everyone.”

About me

Crazy about websites

From the very moment I laid eyes on a website (way back in 1993), I was hooked. I immediately wanted to know how it worked and how to create something like that. I figured it all out by myself and soon enough, I was building websites as a side hustle for my clubs, teachers, friends, employers, and later for the company my partner and I ran.

However, it took me another 25 years before I took the leap to become a freelance web designer. It was the beginning of 2020, I had been living in Sweden for a few years now, and my temporary contract as a project manager had just ended. Covid had made its entrance, and I felt that this was an opportunity to change course and become what I had always wanted to be.

A fresh start

So, I seized the opportunity… started a company and immediately got asked to organize online event registrations. There was, of course, a huge demand for that at the time. I took on the task with dedication and urgency.

My experience and skills came in handy; being able to understand what a client needs, my background in photography and advertising, the ability to quickly learn new software and techniques, solve technical challenges, and, last but not least, my passion for making everything look super beautiful, meticulously crafted, and giving the user a delightful experience. And to work it fast.

It was then that I truly discovered the endless possibilities of websites. The internet has evolved from a screen with online business cards to a digital world with infinite opportunities, where almost everyone engages in something daily.

It was the best move ever

Now, I meet many wonderful and passionate entrepreneurs who simply don’t have the time and know-how to create or maintain their website, or who are stuck with an outdated one. And it brings me immense satisfaction every day to support them, to piece that puzzle together so they can get more out of their business and take a step (or sometimes a leap) closer to realizing their dreams.

Here are a few of the websites I made

Website portfolio - Tumulus uitvaart
Website portfolio - Linda Pabst
Website portfolio - HappyMind Training
Website portfolio - This is Made productions

I was born in Australia, raised in the south of the Netherlands, lived in Amsterdam for 20 years, and now I've been soaking up the Swedish way of life for the past 6 years.

Of all the things I miss about the Netherlands, cycling everywhere is at the top of the list. A visit to the Hema comes second.

I absolutely love road trips, to the point where even a ride to the next village gets me in a good mood.

I cannot tell left from right at all, so it's questionable whether I'll make it back home after that road trip.

My birthname is Kerrie, and I received the name Deshna from my spiritual guide. Many years ago I decided to use this name full-time. And that still sounds right.

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