About Deshna

Hi, I’m Deshna

Your tech buddy

Implementing ideas, motivating others and finding inspiring collaborations give me a lot of joy. I am always focused as I work through all challenges that arise during the creative process.

On every project I discover something new, always looking for the best setup and tools for this specific client brief.

I am currently based Sweden and work for diverse clients, such as creatives, photographers, shop owners, trainers, coaches, freelancers, self-employed, business owners and fellow web designers.

My story


The start of my professional life

I started working at photo laboratories almost 30 years ago, just at the beginning of the digital imaging era. This was where I began learning everything about pixels, colours, photography and image creation.

Later I founded a company with my partner: Personal® Post production. This was a studio based in Amsterdam specialised in high-end digital montage and retouching for international photographers, agents and advertising agencies.

Over time, I learned many different skills and became known as a great problem solver, always looking for ways to learn and innovate.

My experience includes; basic retouch, desktop publishing, project management, print production, asset management, computer and network maintenance, printing and proofing, colour management and website development.


Big life changes

When I was almost 6 years old, my family moved from Australia, where I was born, to the Netherlands. That definitely had the greatest impact on my life. More recently, in 2017, I moved from The Netherlands to Sweden, bringing me closer to nature and into new adventures.

When not working, I enjoy being in nature, practising Chi Kung and Yoga Somatics, lighting campfires by the tipi tent and swimming in the beautiful Swedish lakes.


And now…

After many years of doing a lot of different things, I finally chose to focus on what I love most… applying my skills to help others with their businesses and online presence. And at the same time, I continue to educate myself in design and website development. Because I love learning new things.

It is an incredible journey you embark on when you really choose your own route. And how I enjoy meeting so many diverse entrepreneurs and getting familiar with their journeys too. I love all the passion and unique skills and talents.

Get in touch or book a free 1-on-1. I am looking forward to meeting you. Because the story does not end here. You can be a part of the next chapter!

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What others say

Deshna has the ability to become an expert at any given task very quickly, also if it implies mastering new software. When we were partners at Personal® Post production she was the allround specialist, doing all the many different things that are required in a tiny company, everything with full focus and keeping total overview at the same time. A great multi-tasker, she is a whole team all by herself!

Jurgen van den Hoofdakker

Retoucher, Personal Post Production

Deshna built a beautiful-looking website that has a unique identity. I now sell products through my webshop, and potential customers can easily reach out to me with their questions.

Deshna truly listens to what you are trying to achieve with your website. She comes up with good ideas that fit the environment of your brand.

Freek Heldens

Sound Product Designer, FRUKU