7 Quick Wins for a Converting Webshop

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Selling your products or services in a webshop doesn’t happen automatically. You usually put in a lot of effort to get people into your webshop. But once they’re there… do they buy or do they leave empty-handed?

In this blog, you’ll find 7 tips to help you sell more in your webshop.

1. Product reviews

Social Proof, or experiences from existing customers, are hugely important. 80% of online shoppers will read references before buying a product. So show your reviews and always ask your customers to write a review.

2. Be clear about shipping and delivery

If something is difficult or vague, the visitor will quickly drop out. Make it as easy as possible for your customer. It’s essential that you’re transparent about your delivery and that they can quickly see what the shipping costs are. Offer answers on a frequently asked questions page to create even more clarity and remove any objections.

3. Ensure good navigation

Not being able to find your way around a webshop is mega annoying and a big reason why people leave your website prematurely without buying anything. So make sure you have a good menu structure and a clear overview of your products and product categories.
You also want as few steps or clicks as possible between the product and checkout, and for those steps to be as clear as possible for the customer.

4. Remove all distractions

This is one that’s often overlooked. Your goal is for the customer to buy a product, so on the product page, you don’t want anything else that make your customer move away.
In the shopping cart and checkout pages, you don’t need to show a navigation menu, only what’s important for the sales process, such as a link to the terms and conditions.

5. Use good product photos or videos

One of the main reasons for people to go to a physical store is because they want to see the product. So good product photos are hugely important in an online store.
Make sure that colours and sizes are well represented and, if it’srelevant, show how the product functions. The atmosphere and quality of your product photos add value. Videos work extremely well, by the way, so if you can add them, always do so.

Read my tips for the best images, so you also put your product photos on your website in the right way.
in the right way.

6. Come up with a catchy name and description

A good description can make a product even more attractive. Emphasise the value and results of your product or service in particular. The features come after that. A good name is something that contains your customer’s desire. ! You’re ultimately selling the destination, not the plane. Be aware that you need to use the language and words that your customer uses too. Make it attractive!

7. Keep your customer close

By adding the customer to your mailing list, you can send them a special offer or discount coupon after the purchase, or inform them of your latest product. That’s really very effective. So put a checkbox or option at checkout (ticked by default). And make an easy email follow-up series; for example, a personal thank you after the purchase, and an attractive offer after 30 or 60 days.

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I’m sure you’ll get results if you apply these tips. Especially tip 7 is very valuable and can directly generate extra turnover for you.
Do you have a good tip too? Or are you wondering how to implement it exactly? Let me know!

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